LISTEN AGAIN to the second River Echoes Deep Listening walk which took place at Bathurst Basin on Sunday September 5th as part of Soundwalk September. To find out about future River Echoes events, check HERE, and for the full list of podcasts check HERE.

Kathy Hinde brought some sensitive microphones, hydrophones and an electromagnetic frequency pick-up coil, so everyone present could listen to the surroundings in an enhanced way, including tuning in to the usually hidden underwater sounds and electromagnetic frequencies of Bathurst Basin. Kathy was joined by Water Quality Scientist Dr. Ana Castro-Castellón who offered insights into the benefits of the newly installed floating reed bed.

Thanks to everyone who came along for making it a memorable day, photos below by Paul Blakemore. River Echoes is a project by Kathy Hinde with producer Sam Francis, Commissioned by Ginkgo, and sponsored by Bouygues UK.