DEEP LISTENING WALK #6 : 26 SEPTember 2021

This River Echoes Deep Listening Walk happens on Sunday 26th September to coincide with WORLD RIVERS DAY, and Soundwalk September.

River Echoes is part of a collective investigation into Bristolโ€™s waterways.

For World Rivers Day, artist Kathy Hinde collected traces of the river Frome by listening and recording from an underwater perspective using hydrophones, to access the usually inaudible soundworld of the river. Here are some extracts from her walk…

Below is Kathy’s 16mm film River Traces, created by exposing sediment, plants and algae directly onto the surface of the film, and developing with eco-processing techniques

River Traces will also be featured as part of the RIVER ECHOES live event on Sunday 17th October, when it will be projected onto the mud banks of the Avon New Cut, gradually becoming visible as the tide retreats.

This is part of a series of Deep Listening walks that form an ongoing collective investigation into Bristolโ€™s waterways leading towards a live event RIVER ECHOES. The walks are being made into podcasts, available to listen to HERE.

River Echoes is a project by Kathy Hinde with producer Sam Francis, Commissioned by Ginkgo, and sponsored by Bouygues UK.