The fifth River Echoes Deep Listening Walk is at 6pm on Thursday 23rd September to coincide with Soundwalk September. Location : Riverside Park, Bristol.

River Echoes is part of a collective investigation into Bristol’s waterways.

Join artist Kathy Hinde on a walk that follows the route of the hidden river Frome as it flows through culverts beneath the city. Starting by listening live on hydrophones before the river plunges underground, Kathy will continue the walk by playing back a series of soundscapes recorded under the Frome as we walk along ‘River street’ and ‘Wade Street’ together, tracing the pathway of the Frome, imagining its underground journey, to be reunited as it joins the floating harbour at castle park.

Kathy will be joined by Bristol based writer Jen Green who will read extracts from her poem ‘Frome Song’ inspired by walking the full length of the river from the source to the city.

River Echoes Deep Listening Walks and are transmitted live onto wireless headphones offering an enhanced listening experience of a live mix between the usually inaudible underwater soundscape and amplified sounds of the surroundings interspersed with a conversation between the walking guides.

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The walk is part of a series of six Deep Listening walks that form an ongoing collective investigation into Bristol’s waterways leading towards a live event RIVER ECHOES.

Highlights from the Listening walk will be available to listen to as a podcast after the event.

River Echoes is a project by Kathy Hinde with producer Sam Francis, Commissioned by Ginkgo, and sponsored by Bouygues UK.