brings together a series of artworks and projects by Kathy Hinde and collaborators, centred around listening to water, exploring underwater sound-worlds and our relationships with blue spaces.

The current project is RIVER ECHOES, a collective artist-led investigation into Bristol’s waterways including a series of participatory Deep Listening Walks and a live sound, music and film event on and under the waters of Bristol, commissioned by Ginkgo.

Explore the sounds of Bristol from an underwater perspective on a Deep Listening Walk with Bristol-based artist Kathy Hinde who will be joined by a variety of guests sharing unique insights into Bristol’s rivers and waterways throughout September 2021.

Become immersed in resonant soundscapes and glistening traces at a site-specific music, sound and film performance inspired by the hidden river Frome, taking place around the Bathurst Basin in October 2021. 


Water forms the arteries of the planet. We are 60% water. Water is a key ingredient for life, and a key catalyst for the origin of biological life on earth. What could be a deeper and more direct connection between the planet, other species and each other?

Previous projects include Submerge Glasgow focused on listening to the burns of Glasgow alongside a citizen science freshwater monitoring project OPAL, commissioned by Cryptic for Sonica in 2015.

Listening closely instils a sense of connection with a location; an expanded experience of a place and the other species cohabiting there. Intense and immersive listening experiences have had a deep effect on how I relate to the non-human world and contributed to my increased sensitivity to the impact humans have on other species and the earths systems.