Today the sun came out, and we continued to explore the Tollcross Burn that runs through East Glasgow, into the Clyde. Much of it is culverted and hidden underground. We started just behind the International Swimming Centre on Wellshot Road where there is a fairly long section of the burn open and running through the park.

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Jo Dempster, the community scientist from Opal was not able to join us today, so we did a few tests on the water for pH, dissolved Oxygen and clarity (turbidity). We decided the pH was 7.5 and the dissolved Oxygen was 8ppm. Using the Opalometer for clarity, the water scored 10 out of 12, which is pretty clear. For the results of the other workshops check here.

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We then continued up the burn to the point where it is culverted and disappears underground here.

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I had previously followed various maps and discovered the route of the Tollcross Burn, and we looked at where it wove in-between houses up, further east, towards its source near Swinton. However – for the afternoon we decided to follow the burn through St Peter’s cemetery to the point where it joins the clyde…

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