Today we held the first ‘Submerge’ Workshop at Pollok Park for 6 enthusastic participants. We started at the pond in the north wood with community scientist Jo Dempster, who introduced us to her ‘outdoor laboratory’ for Opal’s Water survey project. We tested the pond water for PH, then clarity, followed by some rewarding pond dipping that lead to some fascinating discoveries by uncovering some of the biological life hiding away at the depths of the pond. All the Water surveys from the workshops can be found here.


Following that, we went back towards the White Cart Water armed with hydrophones (underwater microphones) and sound recording gear to discover how the river sounds – not before taking some recordings of the pond. Here are a few extracts from our workshop participants.


Both the results from the water survey and the underwater recordings will form the basis of ‘Submerge’, an interactive installation aiming to reveal the sounds and properties of Glasgow’s hidden watercourses. Submerge be premiered in Sonica in October – November 2015.

We also had a go with a small underwater camera – here are a few stills from the video in the more rapid parts of the river.

WCW_underwater2 WCW_underwater