This morning I visited to Glasgow Scientific Services with Jana Roberts from Cryptic and Susie Mitchell from Glasgow Science Centre. We were warmly greeted by scientist Duncan Scott who talked us through some of the environmental monitoring they carry out around water quality. It was a fascinating visit, and Duncan explained the various analysis tests they carry out on water samples including filtering to measure precise quantities of metals in the water and microbiological testing. We had a look at some of the machines performing the titration and looked at some results which are incredibly detailed. We are extremely happy that Duncan and his team have offered to carry out some detailed analysis on samples from the water courses we will be recording. These results will be combined with the results from the Opal Water Survey we will carry out in the workshops with community scientist Jo Dempster. This data will inform how the sound mapping installation will be created, and I’m very excited to find out how the results compare from different water courses across the city…. some pictures from our visit.scienceLab_waterbottles2scienceLab_machine1scienceLab_samples1