Today I went out to investigate the Tollcross burn. I started at Tollcross park, just behind the international swimming centre ( a large body of water – but hardly hidden! ) and found quite a shallow burn, with a few small waterfalls, which made for some pleasant underwater listening. I then followed it as far as Tollcross Children’s farm, where it disappeared through a large grating into a concrete culvert.


I looked at various maps and found where it next appeared above ground, which looked like Ochil Street… but when I got there it was difficult to get a proper look at the burn. It then seemed to weave it’s way between 2 rows of houses, at the bottom of people’s gardens. I came across a local window cleaner, and he had no knowledge of the Tollcross Burn, and wasn’t sure where i would need to go to find the next accessible section. I went to the next road it was culverted under, and was greeted with a similar wrought iron fencing and padlocks…   I will return and investigate further! However, It was very exciting following the map and discovering these almost accessible parts of the burn, and I look forward to re-visiting and finding out more on our weekend public workshop recording the Tollcross Burn.